Tonya Holub

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Tonya Holub

Zero Suicide Specialist
Phone: 325-944-2561
Fax: 325-653-4218

Tonya is the Zero Suicide Specialist for the ZS Team and has been with WTCG since November of 2016. She started out as an Intake Specialist at the Magdalen office location. Once the Cactus location opened, she worked at both the Magdalen & Cactus locations as needed. She moved to the Concho Suites Offices location in 2018 as an Intake Specialist when WTCG opened that location for Zero Suicide Services. She then moved into the IS ZS Specialist position in Aug of 2020 with the Zero Suicide Team at the Concho Suites Offices. When the Zero Suicide Team moved to the Templeton location in July of 2022 she moved into the position of Zero Suicide Specialist in August of 2022  with the Zero Suicide Team. She enjoys the work she does for the Zero Suicide team such as taking calls from the partners for crisis appointments, scheduling long-term therapy for the clients after they have had their Zero Suicide appointments, and tracking the Zero Suicide client's for reporting purposes. Prior to working at WTCG, she graduated from American Commercial College in Lubbock, Tx in 2000 with a Diploma for Medical Transcription and she worked in Lubbock, Texas as an Administrative Assistant for the Lubbock County Adult Probation Office for 10 years. She has been a receptionist in various other places over the past 25 years. 

Tonya is located on the 10th floor of the Cactus Hotel.

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