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Couples Therapy

Couples face many challenges shaped by culture, finances, gender-role expectations, parenting, and family history. Today, most couples juggle to maintain a work/life balance, through stressful life-events that can fundamentally alter the relationship.

Couples therapy helps couples of all types recognize their communication styles, patterns of conflict, methods of conflict resolution, and effective vs. ineffective coping strategies.

Couples counseling is usually brief and solution-focused. It gives couples the time, the structure, and the place to be reflective. It allows couples to think through options before making decisions about rebuilding the relationship, or possibly deciding to go separate ways. In couples therapy, counselors remain impartial, giving couples effective skills, practice exercises, and a roadmap to improve the relationship, and manage change.

Whatever a couple’s goals for therapy, a qualified and experienced counselor will help define and clarify your strengths and weaknesses, uncover problem areas, suggest effective solutions, and help you to make improvements to enhance your relationship.

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