Megan Walker, LCSW

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Megan Walker, LCSW

Phone: 575-249-2561
Fax: 575-653-4218
 Megan obtained her Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Washington (2019) and her Masters of Social Work with a concentration in clinical practice from Baylor University (2021).

Megan has experience in social services working with different kinds of people experiencing acute mental illness in an involuntary treatment setting. In this capacity, she has worked as a mental health tech, discharge planner, assistant to the court liaison, and was part of the retroactive authorization team. 

Megan also has experience working with the geriatric population in a dementia care unit and at a senior center. She has supported and helped many clients with different issues including mental health issues, grief, clients facing barriers due to low socioeconomic status, life transitions, and substance abuse.

Megan is passionate and invested in continuing her work in Social Work with the WTCG team.

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