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Lora Daniel


Lora Daniel

Veteran Case Manager
Cell: 325-812-4612
Fax: 325-653-4218

Lora is the daughter of a retired Airforce/Army Veteran, a niece to 2 Army and 1 Navy Veterans, who served in Vietnam (Two have since passed) and a sister to three siblings who are Marines. Lora is also a Marine and was compelled to join to serve her country after the unfortunate events of 9/11. She joined September 12, 2005, straight out of high school and completed her basic training in Parris Island, South Carolina.

Her MOS training was completed in 29 Palms, California and she was later stationed in Okinawa, Japan to complete more training. While in Japan she was able to assist in a training mission in Australia and Thailand, to teach foreign military personnel about her job as an Air Support Operations Operator.

She served 5 years in the Marine Corps but was unable to deploy into a combat zone. She saw the impact of war on fellow service members, past and present, so she completed her service to pursue a career that would allow her to assist her brothers and sisters in arms.

Lora has an Associate’s degree in applied science and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Lora is a student, an intern, a full time mother and part time case manager for Veterans Services. Although, she has been with WTCG for a short time she has a passion for helping Veterans and their families!

Lora has been with WTCGVS since 2019 and is officed in the Cactus Hotel.

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