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Jennifer Jensen


Jennifer Jensen

Case Manager
Phone: 325-944-2561
Cell: 325-213-6636

Jennifer is the daughter of a 20-year, retired Navy Seabee, and the sister of a Nuclear Submarine Missile Technician who passed away while on active duty. Jennifer enlisted in the Air Force and served as a Still/Combat Photographer and Public Affairs Airman. During her service, she was deployed to combat zones in Iraq and other undisclosed locations as a combat photographer. During one deployment, her vehicle was hit, and she sustained injuries. Having been deployed to combat zones she brings first-hand experience to all Veteran groups, including combat and PTSD.

Following her time in the military, Jennifer earned a Bachelor’s of Science. After her deployments and working at Walter Reed Hospital (Bethesda), she knew her passion in life was to help her fellow Veterans. Jennifer believes that all military deserve a smooth transition from military to civilian life, but when there are bumps along the way she will be there to help. She's not only a Combat Veteran but an active duty spouse with small children. She has gone through all the stress of being a military child; she has also endured the heartache of the dreaded door knock from a fully dressed officer. Jennifer knows military life; she has been through several PCSes, deployments, G.I. Bill issues, Vocational Rehab, Disability Claims, and Tricare.

Jennifer is well versed in numerous Veteran programs such as G.I. Bill, VA Disability Claims, Veteran Mental Health Awareness, Vocational Rehab, TAPS, and Military Spouse programs. Jennifer has been with WTCG since 2018 and is officed on the 3rd floor of the Cactus, 36 E. Twohig Ave, Suite 320.

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