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 — Aside from a gleaming sign emblazoned with a new name, little about the facade at 242 N. Magdalen St. has changed in the decades the building has served as a counseling center for adults and children. The work accomplished inside the structure, now the headquarters for West Texas Counseling & Guidance, formerly Samaritan Counseling Center, is a different matter.
In the past year, West Texas Counseling & Guidance has been the recipient of at least half a dozen charitable grants that have allowed the center to boost its staff, help additional clients who are uninsured and expand its counseling offerings to locations outside its Magdalen Street headquarters, a building at maximum capacity.(Read more)

TRISTI LEE: Site encourages those who cope with cancer
Posted May 23, 2012 at 5:11 p.m. - Reprinted from with permission.

I've heard these words. I'm a licensed professional counselor, but also a cancer survivor. This gives me a unique perspective on how a cancer diagnosis affects those who have it, those who survive it and the people who love them. It's this journey that led me to work with those who have cancer.

At West Texas Counseling & Guidance, formerly Samaritan Counseling Center, we offer a unique perspective to those coping with a diagnosis of cancer. All our professional therapists can help those suffering from this disease. But no one understands the toll cancer can take like another cancer survivor.
When you are told you have cancer, the diagnosis affects not only you, but also your friends and family. You may be in disbelief, feel scared or be angry about the unwanted changes cancer will bring to your life and theirs. You may feel numb, confused and uncertain. (Read more)

LETTER: Center offers PTSD help
Posted April 25, 2012 at 10:02 a.m. - Reprinted from with permission.

Dusty S. McCoy, executive director, West Texas Counseling & Guidance

West Texas Counseling & Guidance (formerly Samaritan Counseling) would like to praise the Standard-Times for its excellent recent article on post-traumatic stress disorder, and how it affects the lives of its victims and their families.

As the article mentioned, PTSD can result from being in combat, assault, rape, illness or other serious trauma. No matter the root cause, PTSD symptoms are often the same.

At least one month after the trauma has occurred, the victim suffers depression, anxiety, detachment, flashbacks and sleeplessness. Victims may feel shame, anger, horror or helplessness, and often will avoid people, objects, or stimuli that "trigger" these emotions and symptoms. (Read more)


DUSTIN SCOTT MCCOY: Therapy targets abusers' thinking patterns
Posted October 26, 2011 at 5:06 p.m. - Reprinted from with permission.


The Samaritan Counseling Center provides counseling to women and children who have experienced domestic violence at the hands of an abuser. Many have been so traumatized by their experiences that they are treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.

The center has five therapists who are trained in cognitive processing therapy, a 12-week protocol for PTSD. CPT involves both processing the traumatic event and cognitive restructuring.

Samaritan Counseling has contracts with the Children's Advocacy Center and the Rape Crisis Center of San Angelo and provides counseling services for the Tom Green County Domestic Violence Unit.

Many convicted men are court-ordered to receive counseling as a result of the violence they have inflicted on their partner. Most men do not voluntarily seek therapy but participate either after being pressured by their partners, or after being legally required to do so. (Read more