CBT Boot Camp Agenda


Day 1: Morning 9:00 - 12:00

Balancing Alliance & Structure

Creating a collaborative, constructive relationship
How can Mind Over Mood, 2nd Ed (MOM2) help?
Simple case conceptualization: 5-part model as a starting point

Alliance & Structure Obstacle Course

When client and therapist have different views of the problem
Clinical pressures to do more in less time
“I thought I was coming to see you; why do you want me to use a book?”

Observation & Self-Monitoring

The central importance of observation and self-monitoring in CBT
Same or different core skills needed for different moods?
Flow charts for using MoM2 with different moods

Day 1 Afternoon  1:30 - 5:00 

Boosting Core Therapist Skills in Depression Treatment

CBT Depression Treatment Protocol
Behavioral Activation guided by MOM2
Thought Record enhancements in MOM2
Acceptance, mindfulness, and gratitude in depression treatment

Depression Treatment Obstacle Course

I don’t feel like doing any activities”
“I’m not thinking anything; I’m just depressed”
“I see this evidence but it doesn’t change how I feel”

The Holy Grail: Reducing Relapse for Depression

Maintaining progress & skills post-therapy
Three steps to an effective relapse management plan

Day 2 Morning  9:00 - 12:00

Boosting Core Therapist Skills in Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Protocols simplified
Constructing a Fear Ladder
Safety behavior or good coping?
Building discomfort tolerance – acceptance, mindfulness & curiosity
Eliciting the most relevant thoughts & images
Three common types of behavioral experiments

Anxiety Treatment Obstacle Course

“I’m not thinking anything; I just knew I had to get out of there.”
Therapist thought: What if something bad does happen?
Clever experiments that don’t test central thoughts

Day 2 Afternoon  1:30 - 5:00

Learning Boosters: Socratic Methods

Socratic Dialogue
Thought Records & Behavioral Experiments as Socratic methods
Testing images

Socratic Methods Obstacle Course

Game challenge:Find a missing piece
Should I be Socratic or just tell my client the information?

Anger, Guilt & Shame

Responsibility Pies
Forgiveness: When & how can it be therapeutic?

Moving Toward Happiness


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